Monday, December 14, 2009

Acai Berry - For Natural and Healthy Weight Loss

Know About Acai Berry ?

Acai berry is a fruit of acai palm tree. Native Americans have been known to cultivating it since hundreds of years, making acai berry their staple crop. It was only few years back it gained popularity after being aired through numerous TV channels, newspapers, magazine articles etc.
Ever wonder why these little fruit grabbed so much media's attention. Because it comprises surprising number of healthy nutrients, among them antioxidants, dietary fiber and omega-9 fatty acids which are not found in other fruits. So no more surprises, why they shot to fame.

What makes Acai Berry a very popular weight loss supplement ?

Acai berry is well known natural weight loss fruit. Moreover it has other numerous benefits like cell regeneration and it slows down the process of aging. The reason for acai berry being a super weight loss supplement can preferably be explained by the increased metabolic rate it produces. This happens due to the presence of very large amount of antioxidants contained in it.

This results in rapid fat breakdown. It enhances energy levels and resist fatigue.All these combines to give a faster, easier, natural and healthy weight loss without any side effects. It has been known through numerous research papers that taking diet rich in antioxidant is the key to successful healthy weight loss.

How to differentiate the right Acai Berry ?

The following guidelines will help from falling prey to scams and will help you chose the best acai supplement.

>> Select the product whose extract is 100% pure Amazon Acai berry. Do not waste money in other fake products.

>>Don't go for the cheaper ones. Forget not that acai berries are manually harvested in the Brazilian rain forest which requires lot of hard work.

>>Ensure money back guarantee from your vendor.

>>Approximate price per bottle is $40-50 and cheaper ones is no good therefore avoid it.

>>Sometimes the product may fail to produce the desired result so ensure that if you are not losing weight then you should not be losing money as well.

>>Forget not that every good thing comes not without a good price tag.